A smarter research tool for the modern age.

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Find things before you've realized what to look for

Imagine finding relevant information while researching before even realizing what to look for.

Using the cognitive powers of IBM Watson, Sherlocke helps you do exactly that, all without you having to change your existing workflow.

Learns as you learn

You put pieces together as you do your research. So does Sherlocke.

Sherlocke continually offers relevant documents to you, but it remembers what you've been looking at before, so it can figure out what's truly important.

Sherlocke knows everything

Sherlocke for Law. Sherlocke for Scholars. Sherlocke for Cats. *

Powered by IBM Watson, Sherlocke is an intelligent research tool that integrates with any existing digital databases of documents, allowing users to efficiently find relevant information from a variety of sources, no matter what the subject is.

* Probably not a real product. Unless you want that.
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